Barbed Wire Fencing in Chennai

Our ACS Fencing Contractors giving a service of barbed wire fencing in chennai this ensure a solid construction on all terrains. We ACS Fencing Contractors in chennai offering a wide variety of strength, coatings and styles including 2 point barbs, 4 point barbless or barbed wire fencing in chennai. Our high strength and high tensile Barbed Wire is very resistant to animal damage and can be used for various applications, We always select only the very good fencing materials for barbed wire fencing in chennai. we mainly concentrate on two cities ACS Fencing contractors in chennai & Fencing contractors in Coimbatore.

barbed wire fencing

Barbed Wire Specifications

ACS giving you the Barbed wire fencing in chennai with barbed wire specification of 3, 4, 5 or 6 rows wire can used as livestock fence for protection against wild animals and intrusion, as well as to protect pastures and farmland it was mostly used by our fencing contractors in coimbatore. It is usually used with razor concertina wire together located above welded wire fence or chain link fencing in chennai and walls, and this barbed fencing solution is very effective in protecting airport or prison. Our barbed fence with strand wire diameter 2.5mm - 3.0 mm, barb wire diameter 1.5mm - 2.0 mm, barb spacing 5.0cm - 10 cm. Must note, when you deal with it, please very careful, otherwise, you can get seriously hurt by its sharp barb.

barbed wire fence

Uses of Barbed Wire Fence

This type of barbed fencing wire and fencing post in chennai are generally made from iron offered by fencing contractors. These are available in various styles. Some run in a straight line, while others are rounded making a mesh.our fencing contractors in chennai offering This type of barbed wire fencing in chennai they keeps unwanted wild animals away from animal sheds and fields. In urban areas it prevents thieves and other antisocial elements from entering homes, buildings, residential and official premises. Barbed wire has always been a very successful option as far as defensive fencing is concerned.